How project functions
Explanation of how our project maintains high-yield returns without TVL loss.
For the average user, the application will seem uncomplicated. But in fact, the project code is not that simple.
We had to create a unique mechanism that would be able to generate 6% revenue per day for each of our contributors, and we did it!
We wrote an optimal algorithm with no vulnerabilities or pitfalls and proved it by auditing our contract.
So how does our algorithm work after all? Now we'll tell you all about it!

The mechanism of rewards.

Remuneration is calculated automatically by the contract, it has a special formula that monitors many variables at once to ensure the stable earnings of our depositors. The remuneration depends on the following variables:
  • TVL (Contract balance).
  • User in-game actions
  • The number of hives on the market
The contract makes sure that the TVL does not drop too much and that the user's in-game activity does not drop too much. When all the factors come together, everyone gets a return of 6%. If any variable begins to dramatically change, the contract turns on regulation mechanisms and regulates the rewards a little to make TVL more stable.
There is a bonus for making reinvestments. For the first reinvest, a user gets a +2% bonus. Each time the user compounds, the bonus increases by 2%. The max bonus is 20%.

The anti-whale mechanisms

The Bee'n'Bee project has multiple measures against whales to prevent them from withdrawing the whole contract balance.
Here are the main anti-whale mechanisms:
  • Max deposit is set to 25 BNB
  • 48h mining cutoff time (if no in-game action is taken by the user, his rewards would stop increasing)
  • 10 mandatory reinvests
  • -80% tax on early withdrawal
These restrictions will guarantee stable TVL growth and prevent whales from draining contract balance.
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